Stationary gas engine oils

Stationary gas engine oils

Lubricants for large internal combustion engines used in stationary applications. These type of engines are extremely widespread as generators of electricity or used in the environmental sector because they allow to complete the recovery cycle of the most varied types of waste thanks to the use, as fuel, of the gases originated from landfills, wastewater treatment plants or agricultural activities. Eni product line allows the compliance to the most modern manufacturers’ specifications and guarantees the possibility to satisfy every operative conditions in terms of fueling gas and engine type adopted.

Oils for natural gas

Eni Geum 40

Eni Geum C 40

Eni Geum NG 40

Oils for biogas and landfill gas

Eni Geum E 40

Eni Geum LFG 40

Synthetic oil for natural gas

Eni Geum SX 40