Gear Oils

Gear Oils

Gears transmit mechanical motion from one component to another and may be used in open or enclosed gears. Due to the huge variety of gears it’s necessary to take into account of the following aspects in order to choose the most suitable lubricant: gears characteristics (size, metallurgy of teeth), operating conditions (load, vibrations and shocks), oil supply system (oil bath, splash, circulation), operating temperatures and other environmental factors that could have a significant impact. Eni product line satisfies the needs of lubrication of all types of gears. Eni has recently introduced a new product line specifically developed for food and pharmaceutical industries.

Mineral oils

Eni Blasia

Eni Blasia P

Eni Blasia FMP

Eni Blasia BM


Synthetic oils

Eni Blasia SX

Eni Blasia S

Eni Telium VSF

Eni Blasia ESB

Eni Blasia FSX

Food Grade Oils

Eni Ribes

Eni Ribes SX