Industrial Greases

Industrial Greases

Lithium greases

Eni Grease MU

Multipurpose greases

Eni Grease MU EP

Multipurpose EP greases

Eni Grease MU 00/JD 0

Grease for John Deere cotton harvesters

Eni SP GR MU 0

Mineral based grease

Eni Grease SM 2

Molybdenum disulfide added grease

Eni Grease SLL 0

Synthetic based closed system gear grease

Eni Sagus 60 0-00

Graphite open system gear grease

Eni Litio Grease 475 1.5

Mineral based grease with strong adhesion

Eni CT 350 EP 3

EP doped grease

Eni Grease LP

Lithium - calcium soapy grease

Lithium complex greases

Eni Grease LC

EP multipurpose greases

Eni Grease LCX

EP grease based on synthetic base oil

Eni Grease MSX 2/460 2

Synthetic based grease with molybdenum disulfide EP additive

Calcium greases

Eni Grease CC

Mineral oil based greases

Eni Grease PV 2

Hydrophobic calcium grease with superior protection

Eni ECO Grease 0

Biodegradable gres

Eni Rubus CX 1.5

Calcium complex soapy grease

Eni Rubus CSX 2

Calcium sulfonate soap grease

Eni Grease NG

Graphite anhydrous calcium grease

Aluminum complex greases

Eni Grease AC

EP greases

Eni Grease Sagus AC 460 0

Greases with graphite

Eni Rubus TF

"Food grade” greases based on pharmaceutical white oil

Eni Rubus Universal

“Food grade” greases based on synthetic oil

Biodegradable greases

Eni ECO Grease

Biodegradable grease

Eni Eco Grease Plus 2

EP grease

Other Greases

Eni Silis Grease HTL 1

Synthetic-based bentonous grease

Eni Grease PHT 1.5

Polyurea grease

Eni Grease NS 2

Benton grease


Paraffin wax-based suitable for launching and slipping of ships

Eni Grease NS 4

Silica gel grease thickened based on vegetable oil

Eni Rubus Contact 2 2

Inorganic thickened grease based on Pharmaceutical white oil

Eni Rubus MP 00 0

"Food grade"colorless inorganic thickened grease based on Pharmaceutical white oil

Eni Rubus SIL 3 3

"Food grade" inorganic thickened silicone grease

Eni Rubus PFPE 2

"Food grade" PTFE thickened grease based on PFPE