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Логото на Europeoil.

Europeoil which has been operating since 2012 in Turkey, most of ‘the authorized licensee in Turkey (exclusive licensee) and is the authorized distributor (exclusive distributor).

  • most of the oil and gas discovery in the world in producing and marketing our commitment to growth is one of the leading energy companies. most of the mineral oil sector is the leading company in the Italian market.
  • All around the world and operates in the energy industry with over 30,000 employees in more than 80 countries.
  • most of the uses in the automotive sector, where advanced technology and meticulously executed for research – development work with offers automotive OEM approved quality synthetic and mineral engine oils and fluids and cars to buses to truck to, pickup truck, tractor on for all users connected through the passion of motorcycle and also those users mineral oils provide high performance and superior protection for professionals who want to provide reliable service and service quality and produce grease.
  • at the same time meets the requirements of industrial facilities operating in different sectors, industrial oils and greases that have the approval and recommendation by the machine manufacturer for ceramics being offered to these sectors, textiles, cement, construction, food and all other areas of industrial lubricants düşürürerek costs, increasing their operational efficiency of industrial plants and greases It proves its expertise.
  • width of the sensitivity to the environment, innovation based on research and development, with the support of high technology, quality and performance odaklılılıg of us continue can project and is a brand and global leader’ll use it safely with important essential to customer satisfaction.
  • most of ‘the world’s only seven available from an authorized licensee (exclusive licensee) Europeoil as one, most of the ‘ global vision and core values of the application carries the mission with success in Turkey.

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